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Realisation and optimalisation
Energievisie realises constructive energy savings in existing and newly build projects.

By getting Energievisie involved in a very early stage during the architectural design phase, considerable savings can be achieved in the energy costs.

Energievisie is obliged to achieve the envisioned result and gives a "Energy Certificate" for projects designed and realised under the supervision of Energievisie.

Energievisie also hands out Energy Performance Advices (EPA-U) for the existing utility construction supporting the environmental law, the company energy plan and the housing policy. Analysing and inspecting energy consumption, inner climate through measurement, assessment of maintenance contract, reviewing the quality of the installations and checking the safety aspects.


Energy certificate

Since January the 4th 2006 an Energy Certificate has been obliged for all buildings. The Energy Certificate needs to be handed over in case of sale or rent. In public buildings the Energy Certificate needs to be displayed on the wall.