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The need for energy will increase over the coming years.
The availability of fossil fuel will decrease rapidly. The costs of conventional gained energy keeps on increasing. This makes the exploitation of existing objects uncontrollable and unaffordable.
The introduction of new European legislation for energy performance of buildings by energy certificates will be enforced in January 2006. The value provision of real estate will then also depend upon such an energy certificate.

With good energy management you are able to gain maximum comfort with a very small energy investment. Energievisie is the specialist in the field of energy performance improvement and has the knowledge and experience for the advice, build-up and management of durable energy systems. Energievisie makes the exploitation of utility, house construction and buildings cost efficient for both new and existing buildings.


Energievisie advices and designs cost efficient energy systems for cooling and heating of utility, house construction and buildings..

Energievisie has the knowledge and experience to control the energy flows by thermal accumulation and win back resulting in an energy balance for which a minimal energy addition remains.


Energievisie provides energy analysis with the purpose to gain maximum output with your energy investments.

Energievisie makes money for you and makes the exploitation profitable.